Testimonials. “We are engaged and moving forward with getting the K1 visa”

What do men from our “International Club” say? Single men from all over the world join our Club…

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TESTIMONIALS. What do women say about our lessons with a psychologist?

On February 22, we plan to have the 4th group online meeting with a psychologist from Germany, Tatyana..

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How can woman protect herself from MANIPULATION, when she meets a foreign man?

What is Manipulation? Who is manipulating you and how? And why can a manipulator be conscious or not..

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How did we celebrate St. Valentine's Day?

Men from the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, U.K. and other countries congratulated women from different cities and countries…

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“We met each other!” – sI got this message in the morning on February, 13. When I was..

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

February, 14 – it’s a holiday. I am sure, that you celebrate it with your soulmate!   Men..

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You can make your soulmate – very happy!

“I looked at the photos of other women with flowers and I confess – I was a little..

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Why should you be careful, choosing a gift for your soulmate on St. Valentine’s Day?

February, 14. St. Valentine’s Day –  is very soon… What does it mean? It means, that your girlfriend..

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Do men like to make surprises for their soulmates?

Yes, of course! In 5 days the whole world will celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. It’s a Holiday of..

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What things are the most important in woman's photo on dating site?

Single women usually ask me a lot of questions: What is the most important thing in woman’s photo..

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Are there FAKE PROFILEs on dating sites? Why dating tours are dangerous?

We had an interview with a single man from the USA, his name is Don. We asked Don..

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Is it truth, that single foreign men are looking for a cook and housekeeper (not for a wife)??

Single women ask hundreds of questions every day: If a bachelor is 40+, and he has never been..

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Testimonials. What do single men from Spain say about our “International Club”?

Here is a single man from Spain, his name is Jose! Jose was looking for serious single woman,..

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Is it easy to find a soulmate on dating sites?

We had an interview with a single American man, his name is Don. Don was single, and before..

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I watched his video in TikTok and I told myself «This man will be mine!»

A Love Story. «Me. Of course, me. I sent him the first message. And I also asked him..

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Should your wife work?

Foreign women usually have lots of discussion about their job! What about you… Would you like your wife..

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Testimonials. What does a single man from Canada say about out “International Club”?

Here is Cameron. He is from Canada. Cameron was single… And he decided to meet his soulmate and..

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Who should write the first message?

Should woman wait till man start a conversation? Do men like more active women?   A lot of..

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Testimonials. What do men in “International Club” say?

Why do single men from USA and Canada, Australia and Europe like our “International Club”? Let me introduce..

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Merry Christmas, my friends!

Многие иностранные холостяки сегодня отмечают Рождество! Давайте их поздравим! И пожелаем им и их семьям фантастического Рождества и..

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Merry Christmas!

December, 24 – Christmas! What way women can congratulate you with Christmas holidays. Or what words can women..

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Gifts & Presents!

Happy Holidays! There will be many holidays in the end of December and in January. Working as a..

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The REVIEWS. What do men say about our “International Club”?

What do foreign men like and appreciate in our “International Club”? This is Ayman from Qatar, he was..

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Guys, there are so many holidays in December and January. If you are looking for your foreign soulmate..

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