March, 8 – International Women’s Day!


Dear girls! I congratulate you on International Women’s Day!

I wish you to be happy and to find your love!

Dear Ladies, I want to remind you that March 8 is a day that is actively celebrated in our post-Soviet Union countries. But many foreign men have never heard of it. Therefore, do not hesitate to acquaint your foreign men with our history, traditions and holidays. And of course, don’t forget to thank! Thank your foreign men for attention and gifts.


This is the letter I received the day before from Alice:


“What about me, I think that presents and gifts can be on the first, second and third date. It all depends on the person. And it can be anything what you can imagine. It can be candy 😊 or a post card, or bouquets, scarves, etc. It all depends on how the relationships develop. If a man doesn’t want to give anything on first dates, that’s his choice, and honestly. And gifts can be different.

The problem is that many women do not appreciate men’s attention. Women think, if man came with one flower, it’s bad that he regretted the bouquet. If he came without flowers, it’s bad that he couldn’t bring at least one flower. When man presented a chocolate, it’s bad that he couldn’t bring a box of chocolates. If man came without candy, it was also bad, at least he could bring a chocolate bar. I really heard such claims from a friend of mine”


Dear girls, I wish you to have smiles and happiness! Today and every day… Flowers, sweets, gifts, attention and love – everything is for you!


P.S. In the meantime, my team and I are preparing an offline meeting for you – Fashionable Women’s Brunch. In the video you can see how it was “Cinderella Without a Pumpkin” Fashionable Women’s Brunch 2020.
Your Anita Schatz